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on the surface, all was well.

A local teen with a troubled background was finally getting the professional help and support she needed, not just from her provider, but from her family as well - including her mother's fiancé, who often accompanied her to program meetings.

But all was not well.

Through their training, program staff picked up on telling body language between this young woman and her mother's fiancé. Staff quickly gained her trust and learned that this man was sexually exploiting her, and many other girls between the ages of 12 and 17 as part of a network of prostitution. Horrifically, he was attempting to use the program to source other young women for the same use - and the girl's mother was an accomplice. Thanks to highly-trained staff, the girls were freed and the man arrested.

This story is true, it's local, and - as you know - it's not unique

The sexual exploitation of young women is at an all-time high. As providers, and often the first line of defense, it is important that we come together as a caring community of social service professionals to share and further develop our knowledge and skills in order to help girls and women at risk.

On Friday, October 21, we will bring together health-care providers, clinicians, social workers, counselors, educators, and community leaders for the 12th annual Through Her Eyes conference. Throughout the day's program, we will share current methods and practices in helping to idenitfy and respond to sexual exploitation among this vulnerable population.

Through Poster

Through Her Eyes 2016

Center for Human Development (CHD) is proud to present the 12th annual Through Her Eyes Girls Conference. It is held every year to address the issues facing girls and young women at risk of personal and social dangers in our culture. Annette Cycon, Founder & Director of Training, MotherWoman, and Jenise Katalina, CHD & MotherWoman Trained Facilitator will be presenting on the MotherWoman Support Group Model and Trauma-informed Care. MotherWoman Groups are structured and facilitated trauma-informed groups for mothers. Designed to support and empower mothers to be agents of positive change and leadership in their lives.

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Warrior Mom Conference 2016

Postpartum Progress hosted its 2nd Warrior Mom® Conference, in Atlanta on October 14-15, 2016. This conference was focused on the Warrior Mom community: the volunteers, climbers, blog readers, forum members, and staff that have changed the face of PPD for so many women and families over the last 11 years. Shelly Smith, Program Manger, MotherWoman was proud to attend this event and joined together with women from across the country to empower one another and work in partnership with to create the strongest support for mothers possible.

Children's Trust Fund 2016

The Children's Trust Fund hosted the 24th annual conference, A View From All Sides, New England's premier family support training conference. During this conference, Annette Cycon, Founder, MotherWoman presented a poster on the MotherWoman Community-based Perinatal Support Model (CPSM). The CPSM is currently implemented in 9 communities across the Commonwealth and is funded through the Dept. of Mental Health and MCPAP for Moms. The CPSM is a multi-modal intervention aimed to create a comprehensive safety-net for mothers and families and ultimately ensure that mothers receive the support and care they deserve when they need it the most.