Board of Directors


Sarah Carlan, MSW, Vice-President, Social Worker, School Counselor, Montessori School of Northampton

LaKisha Coppedge, BA, Executive Director/Owner Memas's II Family Daycare

Denise M. Hurst, MSW, LICSW, Vice-President, Springfield School Committee Member; Director of Quality Improvement, MA Department of Mental Health, Western Region

Ariane Krumholz, MSPH, Chair of the MSM Degree Program in Health Care Administration, Marlboro College Graduate & Professional Studies (MCGPS) 

Desiree Lalbeharie-Josias, Ed.D, MEd, Program Director of Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children-Springfield Early Intervention Program

Caitlyn Rock, J.D., Member of the Northwestern District Attorney's Office's Juvenile Unit

Jennifer Shiao Page, Instructional Designer, Online Education, UMass

Eileen Spira, MSM, Senior Associate, StakeHolders Capital

Laura Sylvester, Director of Outreach for Student Legal Services, UMass


Board Profiles

Trish Bonica, MSW, MBA, 
Director of Member Services for Chartered Alternative Investors Association. 

On a daily basis, MotherWoman renews its commitment to working in empowering ways with mothers, families, and communities throughout Western MA.  MotherWoman's policy advocacy, support groups, and Perinatal Support Coalitions have contributed to transformations in the quality and availability of mental health, medical, and community-based services tailored to mothers. MotherWoman is a vital organization supported by a talented and dedicated staff.

As a stepmom, my life has been incredibly enriched by my now adult son and daughter. Prior to becoming a family, I had minimal opportunity to practice parenting.  While living in my 600 square foot apartment in Washington, DC, I referred to my kitchen as the unwrapping room.  To say that I was unprepared for my role as a stepmom only grazes the surface of my unfamiliarity.  With big thanks to my partner, kids, and the good advice of family and friends, the process of learning how to parent was extraordinary in both its difficulty and joy.  Ultimately though, it was successful and we all remain on the path to becoming and growing.

Trish's approach to leadership is grounded in the creative power of collaboration.  In addition to MotherWoman, Trish is working with a dynamic group of collaborators, investors, and advisors to establish the Survivors Recovery Fund to be housed within the Community Foundation of Western MA.  In her previous role as Founder, Women's Economic Development Fund, Inc., Trish established a DC-based nonprofit providing financial education and micro-grants to promote women's economic security and physical safety. 

Denise M. Hurst, MSW, LICSW, Executive Member at-large 
Regional Director of Quality Improvement for Massachusetts Department of Mental Health Child/Adolescent Services.

From an early age I knew that I wanted to be like my mother.  She was nurturing and loving, strong, independent and most importantly committed to making sure that I grew up to be the best woman I could be.  I was blessed to have my mother, grandmothers, and aunts surrounding me as I blossomed into a young woman.  They each embodied a characteristic that I admired.  I am of bi-racial descent, African-American and Puerto Rican, and being from two different cultures I was given the opportunity to observe and appreciate the differences and richness of the cultures and their implications on womanhood.  I recently became a mother, and even though I thought I was prepared for motherhood, I couldn’t believe the shift in life that had occurred.  I love motherhood and did so from the very beginning, but quickly realized that without the support of my husband and my family the road would truly be tumultuous.  The support I have received has made the transition enjoyable and the experience fascinating…

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Desiree Lalbeharie-Josias, Ed.D, MEd,
Member at-large 
Director of Early Childhood Department, Collaborative for Education Services. 

MotherWoman is important to me because we are actively engaged in supporting and empowering mothers, women, nurses, therapists, doctors, legislators - people - and thereby families and communities to be catalysts for positive change regarding PPD.  The support groups, facilitator training, coalition building and legislative activities of MotherWoman provide a holistic approach that connects the dots to nurture meaningful intentional progress in how we address PPD.

Dr. Desiree Lalbeharie-Josias is a mother of three, lives in Amherst, MA and is from South Africa. Dr. Lalbeharie-Josias has always been dedicated to the field of early childhood development and education in the context of family, social-justice and public health issues. She earned her Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education and her Masters degree in Education of the Deaf from Smith College.  She completed her doctoral studies at University of Massachusetts-Amherst in Special Education with a focus on Early Intervention. Her 20 years of experience in Early Intervention (EI) is a fusion of understanding and experiencing EI from academic, research, clinical (as a developmental specialist), program development and leadership perspectives. Dr. Desiree Lalbeharie-Josias is the Program Director of Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children-Springfield Early Intervention Program.

Caitlyn Rock, Esq,
Executive Member at-large
Assistant District Attorney for Northwestern Massachusetts
District Attorney's Office.

I am a practicing attorney, a wife, and a mother of twin toddlers. At the end of a physically and emotionally difficult pregnancy in 2011, I was diagnosed with Post-Partum Depression. This was a devastating time, however, with the support of my family, friends and medical / psychological intervention, and I did recover, beginning slowly at about 6 months after delivery. The balancing of family, career and the co-raising of twin girls is some of the hardest work I have done in my life. I know that I could not have navigated through this amazing, and continuing, transition without the help and guidance of people who have gone through it before me. Through my own experience as well as observing other mothers in my community, I learned that the multidimensional experience of being a mother needs to be supported and understood by families and the community at large. MotherWoman's goals of empowerment and social change are key to bringing about a better understanding of the difficulties faced by mothers every day as well as policy changes that are needed to support them and their families.