Annette Cycon, LICSW
Founder, MotherWoman
Director of Training

“When I became a mother I realized that all my professional experience did not prepare me for the massive change that motherhood made in every area of my life.

So I started to gather mothers together groups to have facilitated conversations about the massive PERSONAL experience that motherhood is, from hope and anticipation to the dismantling of life as we knew it to the creation of a new SELF and what we  have heard many moms call “the new Normal”. I began to develop a support group model in which mothers felt safe enough to share what was really going on for them and which invited a diversity of mothers to find common ground and build community. That was the beginning of MotherWoman.”

Annette Cycon, LICSW is the Founder and Director of Training of MotherWoman. She has designed and led MotherWoman groups for over 10 years, and, with Liz Friedman, has designed and leads the MotherWoman Facilitator Training. Cycon holds a Bachelors degree cum laude in Psychology and Philosophy from Clark University and a Masters degree in Social Work from Catholic University. She has been a clinical social worker specializing in child and family issues, women’s issues, trauma and recovery, and facilitated the Women Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse support group at the Everywoman’s Center at UMass.

She is certified by Postpartum Support International and has designed, with Ms. Friedman, the curriculum for the MotherWoman Postpartum Support Group, trainings for professionals on the postpartum period and the MotherWoman Facilitator Training. She has presented both regionally and nationally on these topics and has also run MotherWoman groups for indigenous Guatemalan mothers in the Lake Atitlan region of Guatemala.

She is the mother of two powerful young women and the daughter of Polish immigrants. Annette brings passion, humor, and commitment to her work.